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Part Gallery

Our Bouldin and Lawson bag hopper drive retrofit kit with Sequoia head drum
We support these brands, and more, with optimized OEM parts and modifications:

Bouldin and Lawson, PremierTech, Terra, Ellis, Bercomex, Potveer,
USNR/ Newnes/ Kockums, Nicholson, Jeffrey- Rader, Reliance, Western Trailer, BM&M, Compass, McNeilus, Slootweg, Peerless, Amulet, Pierce Pacific, Wagman, Caterpillar, Komats
u, John Deere, etc.

Here is a small list of machinery we manufacture:


star and scalper screens

other sifting and separating


conveyors: belt, screw and drag


mixers; dry and wet

coir and peat preparatory

debulbers and planters

bagging and filling lines

handrail and catwalks

..and much, much more. 

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